Some clients computers don't automatically start veyon service

  • I have installed Veyon on several cloned computers. Most of them work fine but some don't automatically start veyon service when they are switched on. For these ones, I have to go on them and click the button "Start service" and then it works.

    Does anyone has an idea what could cause that ?

    Thank you.

  • Hi @benjaminoll
    is there any indication on what's happening in the windows logs / journal? May be there's an issue with late network initialization?

  • Hi @tobydox
    I don't find any event in the windows logs ("Application" file) that mentions Veyon. I can't say if there are some events that could be related to Veyon start. There are some errors but that I also find in computers that start correctly.

    It got worse : reboot after reboot, more and more computers don't start automatically Veyon service.
    Now 12 out of 18 computers are concerned when there was none at the first time.

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